Property Valuation

Property Valuation

The valuation department is ready to undertake valuations of immovable properties of any category, industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, etc.

Our services include, inter alia, property consultation, property management, property valuations, feasibility studies and market research.

Obtaining a valuation is crucial, especially in volatile markets. A valuation of a property or a group of properties is often needed, inter alia:

  • when purchasing a property,
  • when you are contemplating selling your property so you can set an informed asking price for the property,
  • for obtaining finance from a financial institution, the bank may require a valuation of your property to ensure the security value of the property adequately covers the loan,
  • for taxation purposes (statutory valuations),
  • for resolution of disputes.

Our valuation department is plight into ‘going out’ and independently value your properties.

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